Free from Capture and Seizure clause; F.C.& S. clause (捕獲拿捕不担保約款)

1.Warranted free from of capture, seizure, arrest, restraint or detainment, and the consequences thereof or of any attempt thereat ; also from the consequences of hostilities or warlike operations, whether there be a declaration of war or not ; but this warranty shall not exclude collision, contact with any fixed or floating object (other than a mine or torpedo), stranding, heavy weather or fire unless caused directly (and independently of the nature of the voyage or service which the vessel concerned or, in the case of collision, any other vessel involved therein, is performing) by a hostile act by or against a belligerent power ; and for the purpose of this warranty “power” includes any authority maintaining naval, military or air forces in association with power.

Further warranted free from the consequences of civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection, or civil strife arising therefrom or piracy.

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【注 釈】

Free from Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions clause; F.S.R. & C.C. clause

2. Warranted free from loss or damage

(a) caused by strikers locked-out workmen, or persons taking part in labour disturbances, riots or civil commotions ;

(b)resulting from strikes, lock-outs, labour disturbances, riots or civil commotions.

【要 旨】


【注 釈】
証券本文(Policy Body)による列挙危険により担保されている(または、されるであろう)危険から、担保されない旨を明示している「不担保約款」となります。